Ten Years of Honing, BFP Celebration Shines Brightly

Grand News Network | March 11, 2024

China, 11th Mar 2024 - On January 27th, BFP Industry Co., Ltd. celebrated its grand 10th anniversary. After ten years of trials and tribulations, BFP has demonstrated endless vitality and potential with its unwavering spirit and brilliant achievements.

At this special moment, we gather together to witness the glory of BFP. 

Next, let's walk into various aspects of the celebration together, experience the growth and changes of BFP over the past decade, and look forward to a more brilliant future together!

Speech By BFP Members

At the beginning of the celebration, the company leaders delivered a passionate speech. They reviewed the ten-year journey of BFP and shared the hardships and joys of the company's growth.

Ten Years of Honing, BFP Celebration Shines Brightly

Three heavyweight guests - Alice, Karen, and Venus - also gave speeches. They reunited with a brand new identity and witnessed the glorious moment of BFP together. Their arrival added a unique brilliance to the celebration and made everyone present feel the warmth and unity of the BFP family.

Many people have witnessed the ten years of BFP, opening their collection of memories and looking at the stories they remember about BFP.


Performance of the Program

The employees carefully prepared a rich and colorful performance. "Tang Dynasty Beauty" showcases the beauty of classicism, "The Most Dazzling Six Golden Flowers" showcases youthful vitality, and "Modern Times" presents fashion trends. The wonderful performance of the programs won waves of applause and applause from the audience present.


Award for Excellence

In the award process, the company recognizes employees who have made outstanding contributions to the company. The signing ceremony for the new partner Doris was also held at this stage. The award of nine awards, including the Role Model for Achieving Goals, Million Dollar Team, Best Newcomer Award, and Progress Award, not only affirms the hard work of employees, but also represents a beautiful expectation for the future development of the company.


Ten Years of Honing, BFP Celebration Shines Brightly

Lucky Draw

The lucky draw brought the atmosphere of the celebration to a climax. The generous prizes include a five gram gold bar, Huawei Matepad 2023 version, Hong Kong Disney double ticket, etc., which excited everyone present. Practical prizes such as skincare products and ovens have made everyone feel the company's deep care for its employees.

Ten Years of Honing, BFP Celebration Shines Brightly

Photography Time

Finally, in the moment of freeze, the company left precious memories for its employees. The theme check-in of the 1980s and 1990s, as well as the bold and personalized runway show, brought the atmosphere to a boiling point. And the final family photo captures this joy and unity in everyone's heart.

Ten Years of Honing, BFP Celebration Shines Brightly

After ten years of trials and tribulations, BFP has written a brilliant history with sweat and wisdom. Looking ahead to the future, BFP will continue to work together with all employees to welcome a better tomorrow with a more determined pace! This celebration is not only a celebration and summary of the past, but also a promise and outlook for the future.

About Us

BFP is a company dedicated to providing top-notch customized cabinets for residential developers, contractors, and builders worldwide. We focus on overall home customization solutions for kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets, etc., ensuring that every household can enjoy high-quality and personalized home decoration. 

As an industry elite, BFP continues to strive to maintain excellent product quality and service levels. Our professional design team is responsible for designing, budgeting, and producing drawings, providing customers with the most professional services. BFP can customize design drawings for the entire house based on the client's architectural floor plan and specific needs, realizing the client's personalized home dream.



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